Sharing the Road with Boys zine cover

Taking the Lane #1: Sharing the road with boys

by Elly Blue

Elly shares her thoughts and stories about being a woman on a bike in Portland, Oregon.  Having been a cyclist for several years, Elly is well-versed in the law and her rights as a cyclist.  This doesn't, however, stop men from trying to prove her wrong.  Thankfully, Elly doesn't back down.  Instead, she is one of many women leading the way towards more bike-friendly (and hopefully less misogynistic) cities.  Elly's zine doesn't just talk about problems, she also shares solutions for individuals and organizations.  Taking the Lane is very well-written and designed.  This is a great read that will leave you impatiently waiting for the next issue.  Oh, as a bonus, there is some incredible clip art.

Sorry, this is available only as an ebook for the time being.