Fix Your Clothes zine cover

Fix Your Clothes

by Raleigh Briggs

"Unless you wear seamless, zipperless indestructible coveralls, you'd had to deal with the fact that clothes are mortal. We love them but they fail us in myriad ways...the seam that busts when you bend over. The zipper that slips down to reveal your underpants to your co-workers." Raleigh Briggs (Make Your Place and Make It Last) takes us on a mending journey through stocking your supplies, quick fixes, types of knots and stitches (like the classic punk whipstitch!), buttons, mending seams, patching holes, darning holes, hemming, fixing zippers, waterproofing canvas, leather, and nylon, resources, and so much more! As always Raleigh's style is simple, playful, friendly, fun, and builds your confidence. This adorable hand-written and illustrated zine shows you that even if you've never sewed before you can still keep your favorite socks or jeans in tip top shape for years and years, alter your favorite show t-shirt to fit you, and deal with life's little unravelings confidently one by one!


Angry Chicken 12/28/2015

“Ideal for thrifters, vintage clothes collectors, and anyone into not tossing their clothes because a button pops off or a zipper is stuck. There is something deeply pleasing and satisfy about mending and making clothes last.”

Utne Reader 12/28/2015

“A really solid foundation on sewing”

Pushpin Zines 12/7/2012

"Even as a fairly proficient sewist who does a bit of dressmaking, I learned a few things and this is a really handy guide to have around, whatever your sewing skills (or lack of)."

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