Taking the Lane Childhood zine cover

Taking the Lane #8: Childhood

by Elly Blue Editor, Julie Brooks Contributor, Cheyenne Winters Contributor, Adonia E. Lugo, PhD Contributor and Katura Reynolds Contributor

Childhood is the eighth installment of Taking the Lane Quarterly, featuring nonfiction stories about cycling, childhood, and parenting.

It's about the joys and fears of riding a bike as a kid, with your kids, and watching in wonder as the bicycling movement unfolds across the continent. As always, this issue of the quarterly feminist bike journal (or you could think of it as a tiny bicycle magazine) has something for everyone. This time, it's something especially charming.

Essays by Enid Kassner, (our own) Cheyenne Winters, Adonia Lugo, Megan Odett, Davey Oil, Jessica Roberts, Sarah Noga, Patrick Noga, Kathleen Youell, Katura Reynolds, and Julie Brooks. Illustrations by Britt Appleton.

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