Snake Pit 2009 book cover

Snake Pit: 2009

by Ben Snakepit Author

People keep daily diary comics for different reason. For the progenitor of the format, Ben Snakepit, it has become sheer habit, drawing his life into three panels every day since Dec 23, 2000. That and documenting the events of his life into a macro-digestible format where years of his life can be consumed, processed, and analyzed in one sitting. In the intro, he spells it out like this, “Skip ahead 10 years, and everyone and their mother has a MySpace and a Facebook and a Twitter and a Blogspot,” writes Snakepit, “and the idea of recording and sharing what I did every day in three panels doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore.” Ben has always been self-effacing and modest. He describes his work as "shitty drawings to read on the toilet" and genuinely seems surprised when people like it. Despite this being his fifth book with a "real" publisher over a period of ten years. He's an accomplished musician, having spent time with Party Garbage, J Church, and even The Sword, but his life has slowed down in recent years, as he approaches 40. But the individual events have never been the point of Snakepit. The point is real life and your ability to digest it in massive doses, often reflecting these events onto your own life.