Taking the lane Feminist Bicycle zines pack by elly blue

Taking The Lane: Feminist Bicycle Zines Pack

by Elly Blue Author

Contains four assorted issues of Taking The Lane, a feminist bicycle zine published by Elly Blue Publishing - since 2010. In this pack, you'll get #8, all about bikes and childhood memories (and some parenting memories in the making), #9 which is all about bicycling in response to disasters, natural and otherwise, #11 about biking with (or without, or to get away from) dogs, and #12 which has some good writing about people's experiences with different religions...from a bicycle eye view, of course. 

Comments & Reviews


Each issue of Taking The Lane is this wee work of art, whether it's about bicycling and disaster, biking as a child, biking and religion (I was curious and skeptical of this one, I confess, but it's actually quite good), and so on. The titles are clear, the layout and design impeccable, and I can't recommend them enough. I confess, I yelped with glee when I found them in my review pack, because I just dig 'em that much. Highly recommended—even if (and maybe especially if) you're not someone who's all that into biking. The writing's captivating, and it's really tough to put one down once you've started reading.