Cover of Doing it Better: Conflict Resolution After Abuse in Leftist Communities - two people in silhouette shackled together with their arms raised

Doing It Better: Conflict Resolution and Accountability after Abuse in Leftist Communities

by Joe Biel Author

What is our role in holding people accountable in cases of abuse, sexual or otherwise? How do we investigate these matters without victim blaming or becoming an apologist for the perpetrators? What is the difference between justice and vengeance?

Doing It Better examines the current model of accountability we use today, mainly shaming and ostracism, and shows that while it can offer a temporary feeling of vindication, it offers no real long term solutions and the cycle inevitably continues.

This zine offers us a guide to how we can, as a group, resolve these issues and break the cycle of abuse.

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Doing It Better doesn't have all the answers, but it is a set of starting points for discussion and elaboration - a provocation for the open conversations we should all be having.