an illustration of a woman holding up her underwear with various plants and flowers spilling out from underneath

This Isn't Brave: A Brave Girl's Guide to Body Positivity & Self-Acceptance

by Laetitia Duveau Author

In this powerful guide to learning to love yourself fully for who you are, author Laetitia Duveau offers advice and empowering words aimed at helping women everywhere recognize the ways that their body is uniquely beautiful and uniquely theirs. It isn't always easy to show ourselves compassion, but Duveau is determined that you should try, providing the reader with information about her body and how to best take care of it. This Isn't Brave is packed with illustrations showcasing the diversity of body types, no matter your size, shape, race, or appearance, and is an excellent book for the young woman in your life who needs a little self-love and positive affirmation.