pdx by bike zine cover

PDX by Bike: Your Guide to Discovering Portland, Oregon by Bicycle

by Elly Blue Author and Meghan Sinnott Author

In this hands-on guide, Meghan and Elly lay out a basic primer for getting your feet wet (often literally) in the City of Roses. Serving as a companion to their web guide, it's not just a travel guidebook, also containing local history, how to handle the bus, bridges you can bike over, and much more. And it's all geared towards bikers. Full of gorgeous illos by our very own "drawist" Matt Gauck, this guide should be in the hands of any budget-minded individual hot off the train to Portland and biking like a local.

A perfect complement to our Zinester's Guide to Portland.

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"Designed to fit in your back pocket while you ride, this slim little zine is part tour-guide, part civic history book, and will bring you up to (ten) speed on Portland's unstoppable bike culture."

-Portlandia IFC