A dashing man with long, flowing black hair and a similarly long, flowing black beard stares at you with one eyebrow raised, as if to say, "we doin' this?"

The Beard Coloring Book

by Meggyn Pomerleau Illustrator

The Beard Coloring Book is a luscious, facial-hair-filled collection of illustrations, infographics, and games. Suitable for beard connoisseurs of all stripes, this book will inspire you to grow your own or simply deepen your appreciation of mustaches, beards, sideburns, and other works of facial art. Each beard is a zen maze and contain activities that will draw you into a pure state of bliss. Page after page, beard after beard, you’ll find yourself coloring yourself into a fuzz-trance of love.

Drawings are one-sided, and the pages are perforated so you can more easily color and display the beards of your dreams.


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Comments & Reviews


"It cracks me up every time I think about it much less look at it!...Sometimes, we just need something to lighten the mood and something to relax – so why not colour up some beards!"



"Pomerleau’s The Beard Coloring Book offers lots of trippy illustrations of facial hair. Oh, and some beards of a different sort."



Modern beards become the artists nadir, and the colorists spring garden. The Angels of Light, the Cockettes and the Sisters of Perpetual indulgence all took beard coloring and decoration to new heights. Give these beards gorgeous and colorful decoration.