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Street Journalist: Understand and Report the News in Your Community

by Lisa Loving

Responsible journalism begins with you!

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A corrupt politician. A local business in trouble. A neighbor with a heroic story. An opportunity to work together for positive change.

Whatever the stories are in your community that most need to be told, the best person to tell them is you. Whether you're writing for your local newspaper, producing a podcast or video series, or simply sharing what you see and learn every day on social media, the power of journalism is in your hands, as is the responsibility to use it ethically and wisely.

Longtime journalist Lisa Loving opens up the world of journalism, sharing her hard-won skills and knowledge to help expand your media literacy so that you can report on what matters most, hold powerful people accountable, and strengthen your community.



    wed 10/31 4:58pm

    Empowering, inspiring, inclusive and saavy. For anyone with a smartphone (so, everyone), curiosity, and the will to make a difference in their lives and the world. A joyous, generous call to action!