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$25 Superpack: Small & Mighty

by Bill Brown Author, Al Burian Author, Jesse Reklaw Author, Sarah Royal Author and Super Pack! Author

Books are getting bigger and bigger in a sort of publishing arms race lately. Not ours! We tend to make smaller books than most, and this superpack will introduce a collection of our smallest books into your life. They're little and they pack a punch, all while fitting in the inside pocket of your bag, teetering on the corner of your nightstand, or otherwise not taking up a huge amount of space in your life. Included:

  • Applicant is our smallest book! Jesse Reklaw found a lot of old marked-up grad school applications in an Ivy League dumpster and combines judgmental comments with vintage photos. Good stuff.
  • Dream Whip #14 is Bill Brown's smol brick of a travelogue that zooms effortlessly from the big picture to the perfect tiny details you notice from the window of a bus
  • The Book Bindery is Sarah Royal's mini memoir of working in a print shop—not so glamorous, definitely funny
  • Burn Collector #14 barely contains Al Burian's stories about punk, comics, life, and history
  • True Trans Bike Rebel is a tiny and mighty collection of essays about bicycling and walking by transgender, intersex, and nonbinary folks, edited with precision and verve by Lydia Rogue