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The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting: Dark Deeds & Derring-Do from 1950 to Today

by Joe Biel, Gena Mason, Scotty Mylxine, Keith Rosson and Abner Smith

These five case studies offer a chilling glimpse into the negligence, greed, murder, and at times comical disorganization behind some of the CIA's most controversial secret operations. Science fiction could not have invented the influence the CIA had in the assassination of Martin Luther King. Jr, the AIDS virus, the killing of the leader of the Puerto Rican independence movement, the PATRIOT act, and the Iran-Contra affair. Smith makes radical claims, but instead of coming across as a raving conspiracy theorist he uses facts to write a believable, accessible alternative to mainstream histories that helps readers to contextualize current events and the anti-American backlash worldwide.




    tue 9/18 2:57pm

    The content is extremely well written, leading the reader through the relevant terms and key players, building compelling arguments with thorough research, incontrovertible facts and data, examining and eliminating secondary sources where necessary.



    "Yes indeed the claims are radical, but Smith presents these so calmly and with such a light humour, (usually so missing in the left), that one is carried along. Any lingering doubts are dealt with by the level of solid scholarship, and the wealth of supporting footnotes and further reading. It is a great starter for the new reader short on facts to explain current events and the worldwide anti-American backlash."

    David Macadam - The Oligarch Kings