Sticker #008: Don't Support Wars

Sticker #008Don't Support Wars

by Joe Biel



No name 5/16/2008

Alley, you do realize that our involvement in WWII wasn't based around The Holocaust, and the reason he was able to do the things he did was because people supported his war? And dave, you realize the people most interested in violent robots are the militaries of the world?

I don't agree with this sticker though. It would disqualify the class war technically.

dave 11/20/2006

what if it was a war against robots? would you just sit on the sidelines and let the robots destroy us all? what kind of person are you?

Alley 12/2/2005

It's a bit closed minded to say don't support any war. Of course war is bad, but what about the holocaust? Would you have rather just let Hitler kill everyone different off? If violence is a last resort to stop greater violence then it must be had. I therefore love the wording of this sticker.

god 10/12/2005

Dont support any war

bikergrrl 7/20/2005

awesome. that's the best comment.

Bush 4/25/2005

there are other kinds?