The Strange Voyage of the Leona Joyce

The Strange Voyage of the Leona Joyce

by Robert Wildwood Author

Rob and friends a built a boat and sailed it down the Mississippi river. In a world of missed opportunities and private property, this is an astonishing tale of accomplishment and occasional hardship. They make it all sound so easy and at your fingertips! A list of things they found along the way, a visit and harassment from Homeland Security, and the smell of freedom make this a tale that feels like it could have been shared by any of my peers.



    " Rob’s writing style is getting better and better. He manages to express the beauty of the boat trip in a dramatic way that, although you might have seen him walking around town you still wonder if he’ll make it. There’s numerous obstacles that should be familiar to anyone involved in DIY projects: engine troubles, scary schizophrenics, as well as plain bad luck that leads to barely averted disaster. It’s a great read and also a great document, testimony to the fact that we make our lives through the risks and challenges we take on, rather than our lives being made for us."


    one of my favorite story so far !
    love the idea of boat punks.


    So inspirational :]