A DVD cover with an illustration of a few cyclists biking down the road

Aftermass: How Portland Became North America's #1 Cycling Mecca

by Joe Biel Author, Jeff Hayes Contributor, Alice Isley Contributor and Rev Phil Sano Contributor

The world looks to Portland, Oregon as an example of how bicycle culture can blossom out of the ruinous freeways of car-oriented civilization. Aftermass is the first feature documentary to explore the events, people, politics, and social changes that led to Portland becoming the first major bicycle city in the United States.

Aftermass features many of the leaders and major participants behind the growth of bicycling ridership since 1971. The narrative demonstrates the complex dynamic throughout the 1990s between advocacy organizations, politicians, city planners, and the then new, grassroots Critical Mass ride. The film is full of smiling faces on two wheels, but also explores the controversies, setbacks, and bumps along the way, including riots, political roadblocks, and an illegal police spy.The film provides new and vital insights into Portland's transportation history as well as into paths other cities can follow to healthy planning and a green future.




Comments & Reviews


“Recommended for general viewers and highly recommended for collections exploring urban lifestyles.”


Shows the massive waste of taxpayer money just to stop a non-political movement based on people who wanted to get exercise and have fun. This is not a slanted work and even shows some of the police in a good light, but the hostility towards even families riding around is bizarre.


"Aftermass showed me that, contrary to what I believed twenty years ago, the bicycle activists who participated in Critical Mass were my people."


"Explores Portland’s storied history with cycling both as a mode of transportation and as a social movement."


Aftermass is a reminder to those of us who value bicycling that the fight is far from over and that we must carry on the work that was started by the brave first adopters of bicycle commuting over two decades ago. Aftermass is a must-see movie for anyone who wants to know more about the Portland bike scene and how Portland became known as “America’s Bicycle Capital.”


"With candid interviews from key players in Portland’s bike legacy and new reporting on dubious, anti-bike police activities, the film explores what led up to Critical Mass and what has happened since the iconic protest ride has fizzled out...A very relevant topic given the conversations we’ve been having"


This movie will change your whole perspective on the history of the bicycle movement and your own role in the future of it.


"This film is Great! Please watch it!"