Bikes in Space shark zine cover

Bikes in Space: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction

by Kate Berube, Elly Blue, Elizabeth Buchanan, Nicky Drayden, Amelia Greenhall, Jessie Kwak, Katura Reynolds, Maddy Spencer and Aaron Wilson

A reader of science fiction since she was a child, Elly Blue elected to make this issue of Taking the Lane into a powerful tribute to feminist sci-fi about bicycles. It gravitates away from the unfortunately-traditional macho heroes, hurtling through space with giant guns, ready to protect and/or tame their scantily clad space babe. Elly's visions of the future are populated by strong, intelligent, empowered women with complex personalities. And it was a vision apparently shared by many: It's the largest issue of TTL yet! Help us fend off this space shark attack in style! Ieeeee!

Update: Check it out, Bikes in Space is an annual series now! Here's Volume 2

Another update: Love Bikes in Space? The third volume, Pedal Zombies, is out now!


thu 7/27 1:02pm

"Blue is an inspiration to me. She took her passions and ran with them. She dared to fail and succeeded in creating a new subgenre of science fiction. A subgenre that fills my heart with joy. I look forward to each new anthology in this series."


"The stories are short, but bristle with compelling details about futures both dystopian and transformative. I particularly enjoyed how several of the writers described the kinetic experience of riding a bike and the visceral thrill of propelling one’s self through space. While the audience Bikes in Space is talking to might seem like a small sub-section of the SF/F readership, I found the specific perspective a fascinating way to approach standard science fiction themes."


Whilst principally about bikes, Bikes in Space also represents what cycling standards for: the freedom and liberation of travel by vehicle that is powered by oneself, as well as the constraints that come from this timeless mode of transport. Elly projects a future inhabited by capable, brilliant, vivacious females, combined with a biking theme which makes it relatable to cyclists and non-cyclists alike.