Cover of Comestible: Issue 6: Fall/Winter 2017 which features drawings of food items like mushrooms, beets and carrots

Comestible: Issue 6: Fall/Winter 2017

by Anna Brones Author

If another dreary winter has got you down, here's a suggestion. Brew some tea, light a candle or some incense, and snuggle under some blankets with Comestible: Issue 6. 

With stories on the making of kimchi, the effects of immigration crackdown on farmworkers, female conservationists in the shellfisheries of New England and the art (and science) of grafting apples to preserve heirloom varietals, Comestible is a bright beacon of harvest energy to help you through the dark days of winter.

The latest issue of this bi-annual food zine uses food as a lens for looking at other issues like economics and gender and is filled with art, essays and seasonal recipes. Take that, winter!