A green book cover with an illustration of several different women bicycling over a grassy hill

Cycletherapy: Grief and Healing on Two Wheels

by Anika Ledlow Editor, Elly Blue Series Editor, Joe Biel Contributor, Anna Brones Contributor, Cheyenne Winters Contributor, Gretchin Lair Contributor and Amy Subach Contributor

Can you pedal your way through everything life throws at you?

Taking on the bicycle as a means of making sense of life and death, contributors write about their experiences on a bicycle, enjoying the little things about everyday life, dealing with the most difficult, and overcoming loss, trauma, and fear. Contributions range from the lyrical to the profane, the deeply personal to the keenly analytical. Includes essays, art, and a short story.


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This is the first issue of the annual Journal of Bicycle Feminism is a compendium of smart, well-curated writing about topics in bicycling from a feminist perspective. It's the grown-up, moved-out, bigger, bolder, and better version of what used to be Taking the Lane zine

The next issue, #14, is Bikequity, all about money, class, and identity.

Comments & Reviews


"Sociologist Ledlow teams with Portland, Oregon activist Blue for an inspiring series of self help essays."



"There's a strong connection between moving the body and soothing the heart, and these gorgeous essays—by turns touching, defiant, and inspiring—drive (or should I say ride) the point home. Whether you bike as a form of political resistance or as a means to cart your kids to school, you'll find something to connect to in this sweet, tough book."


"They’re short, personal pieces, and include interviews, fiction, a diary, and information about bike ‘zines. Again, it’s one to dip into, and find something that touches you."