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Chocolatology: Chocolate's Fantastical Lore, Bittersweet History, & Delicious (Vegan) Recipes

by Cat Callaway, Darin Wick and Angel York

Where does chocolate come from? What is it good for? What scientific studies (reputable and otherwise) have been done on it? And how do you incorporate it into every meal of the day and then some? Angel York and Darin Wick invite you into the world of chocolate, walking you through its lore, history, and uses.

Chocolatology gives the casual cook dozens of ways to incorporate this stellar ingredient into everyday dishes, and takes intrepid food scientists a step farther, into the art of sourcing beans, making chocolate from scratch, and enjoying 17th Century chocolate concoctions. Unlike many books about chocolate, this one offers a balanced, evidence-based overview of cacao’s health and nutritional value. Chocolatology takes a close look at the chocolate industry and its history, and introduces readers to a variety of trade initiatives and suppliers that are working to improve the lives of cacao growers and their employers. 

Angel and Darin first thought about chocolate together in 2010 when they visited the chocolate section of their local food co-op and spent several hours pondering ways to make information about the food supply chain more accessible.

Find more recipes, chocolate lore, and errata over at the authors' blog.



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"Food can be fun, delicious, nutritious, emotional, political and problematic; it is everything, and no food embodies this more than chocolate. Chocolatology pays tribute to this unique food's deliciousness with fun recipes while also covering its fascinating, sometimes dark, history. Don't be intimidated by savory recipes like Chocolate Cauliflower Gratin, jump in and expand your culinary repertoire while learning about the real history, and versatility, of this magical bean."