a diagonally-striped journal

JOMO Journal: Embrace the Joy of Missing Out

by Kate Pocrass Author

Hand-written and colorfully illustrated self-care exercises fill this friendly and supportive workbook. If you find yourself constantly scrolling social media, replying to emails the moment you receive them, RSVP'ing "yes" to every single invitation you receive, posting photos of every meal, focusing on the photo op instead of the moment, and generally having anxiety about what you might be missing at any given moment, these exercises are designed to help you slow down, check in with yourself, create real connections, and build the life you really want. One spread has you track your social media time for a week; the next has you create new habits and routines. List reasons you love staying home, activities that fully engage you, and books you love to read. Act on prompts to treat yourself, watch the sun set, and other grounding activities.