girl flying over autumn trees with bugs

Swallow Me Whole

by Nate Powell Author

"Swallow Me Whole" is Nate Powell's long awaited follow up to "Sounds of Your Name"! It's a dark twisty story of childhood schizophrenia, and its ability to devour a person's reality. It follows the story of Ruth, a young girl who hears voices. These voices encourage her to build an animal kingdom in her bedroom with disastrous results. Stories are woven in about Ruth's family - her sick grandmother, and her brother, who often hear voices themselves. This book's consistent with the rest of Nate's work, possessing a dreamy quality in which a lot must be inferred from visual cues. It's an absolutely beautiful graphic novel.

Comments & Reviews

His layouts, his touch with shadow and darkness, the way he brings you close enough to Ruth that you can watch her sleep without disturbing her dreams, all that stuff is amazing. Nate Powell can do it all. In his hands, even the high-school parking lots and the booths at the local diner are equal parts hope and foreboding.

A beautiful and touching graphic novel about family and mental illness. Get ready for some sadness and happiness all at the same time.

Just read this last weekend and it’s really amazing. The art is simple but beautiful. The story deals with illness, family turmoil, crushes, and pretty much anything you can imagine. Also, insects play a pretty important role. It’s worth the read for any indie comic fan.