July Warehouse Super Sale: Bike Punx!

July Warehouse Super Sale: Bike Punx!

by Super Pack! Author, Elly Blue Author, Kelli Refer Author, Joshua Ploeg Author, Kate Lopresti Author, Anika Ledlow Author, Ben Snakepit Author, Eleanor C. Whitney Author, Jacques Lob Author, Benjamin Legrand Author and Joe Biel Author

We love bikes (and trains and buses and other not-cars). We love punks. We love putting together bundles that combine our favorite things (and save you money).

July's warehouse sale is something near and dear to all of us—things that go, and punk. Get 8 of our favorite books and a sticker for just $40 (normal retail is almost $100!) Spanning genres and formats, we've got all your summer riding and rebelling reading needs taken care of.

Here's a list of what you get:

Pedal Zombies: A sci-fi story collection edited by Elly Blue. The zombie apocalypse will be pedal-powered! And feminist! Watch out!

Pedal, Stretch, Breathe: If you’re a bicyclist who’s curious about yoga (or just about why your hips feel so tight after a long ride) or a yoga practicer who’s curious about cycling, you’ll enjoy this book by Kelli Refer.
This Ain't No Picnic: The first cookbook featuring vegan recipes with the self-parody and humor of punk rock culture and history.

The Constant Rider Omnibus: Contains issues 1-7 of the adventures of a patron of public transportation, and all the hilarity and melodrama that entails.

Cycletherapy: Taking on the bicycle as a means of making sense of life and death, contributors write about their experiences on a bicycle, enjoying the little things about everyday life, dealing with the most difficult, and overcoming loss, trauma, and fear. 

The Snake Pit Book: The tenth anniversary edition of the comic strip series about living life while punk.

Riot Woman: This insightful, deeply personal history of early-2000s subcultures lovingly explores the difficulty of applying feminist values to real-life dilemmas, and embrace an evolving political and personal consciousness.

Snowpiercer Vol 1: The Escape: All of humanity that could be rescued from catastrophic disaster are on a train that never stops in its circumnavigation across the globe in this post-apocalyptic graphic novel.

Bike Punx Sticker- How do you make bikes better? Add some punk. How do you make punk better? Add bikes.