Cover for Paleo for Unicorns: Eat the Patriarchy, which features several paleo dishes in white bowls

Paleo for Unicorns: Eat the Patriarchy

by Amy Subach Author

Paleo for Unicorns is a hilarious, helpful cookbook for people who want to eat what feels right to them without a bunch of macho posturing, pseudoscientific diet mumbo jumbo, or nitpicky recipe policing. If you don't even eat cereal for breakfast because you don't want to wash the dishes, and if eating cereal makes you feel kind of woozy anyway, this might just be the cookbook for you. Written for even the most beginnery of beginners, this book will inspire you to start cooking and taking care of yourself, because taking care of yourself is a radical feminist act. And if you take care of other people, large or small, it will help with that, too. The recipes, cooking advice, and stories in this book are for anyone who wants to eat a more anti-inflammatory, gluten-free, dairy-free, or low-carb diet.

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Comments & Reviews


"charming, enjoyable, and informative. ... a good resource to ease someone into the paleo lifestyle. The book approaches the diet as a lifestyle change and makes the concept completely unintimidating."


This was an excellent and funny guide and cookbook to those who are starting out on the Paleo diet and who need some guidance for basic concepts and meals to get started.


[Author Amy Subach] offers a rough outline of the what and why of paleo-style eating, acknowledges that most of the marketing of it is bunk, then shares recipes that will get you thinking, along with stories about parenting and car-free living that are suffused with charm.
This decidedly carb-friendly reader enjoyed the view of life in Portland free from self-referential parody that it offers, as well as new ways to think about health and wellness.
A good pick for a new graduate or someone embarking on life changes, dietary or otherwise.


"delivers everything a health nut and feminist could want out of their diet… and then some."