Chronic Illness Support Group superpack

$25 Superpack: Chronic Illness Support Group

by Joe Biel Author, Heron Brae Author, Ben Holtzman Author, Sandor Ellix Katz Author and Super Pack! Author

A collection of books and zines specially selected for people who are living with chronic illness and want a dose of support and self-care. Also suitable for people who really like someone living with chronic illness and want to support them better. 

First off, the zine-book Sick is little but it really packs a punch. It's full of first-person accounts of people with radical politics who have spent a big chunk of time navigating the health care system, others' attitudes towards illness, and their own self-image. It's a compelling read and will give you a wide range of perspectives on dealing with illness that's a far cry from most of the schlock out there.

Alive with Vigor is a bit longer and covers more ground. Dozens of contributors talk about wellness, illness, injuries, choices, and what it's like to exist in their own particular minds and skin. There's something for everyone in here, from cautionary tales to jubilant leaps. 

Sickness and Health is the fifth issue of Joe Biel's Perfect Mix Tape Segue zine. It's about his long journey of trying to identify or at least treat a range of mystery health problems. And while he does come up with some answers and ways to deal, there are no hard-and-fast conclusions to be had.

Sandor Katz's Basic Fermentation is one of our classics, and for a reason. Fermented foods are used to manage a huge range of medical conditions, from cancer to blood sugar issues to IBD to HIV—or just to help keep healthy guts healthy and happy.

Finally, Cat's Claw Herbal is the best little primer to DIY herbal medicine that you'll come across.  

Knowledge is power and your health is always in your own hands! We're offering all this for $20 as our own contribution to health care subsidy.