a photo of someone crawling under a van to fix it

$20 Superpack: Van Life

by Joe Biel Author, Daniel Makagon Author, Super Pack! Author and Bob Suren Author

If you've ever been in a touring band, you know exactly what we are talking about here: Stinky feet, long hot drives, expensive mechanical trouble, drunken brawls and break-ups, playing to empty rooms... all made more than worth it by those transcendent moments when the crowd is right and you're all working together and the ceiling lifts off the room.

Here's some lore for you. Crate Digger is a story of a life in punk music, including many a tour. Underground tells the history of the DIY punk house show network and the folks who make it happen, on the ground and on the room. And the Perfect Mix Tape Segue #4 tells the story of a month on the road on a zine tour, which has all the same elements as a band tour, but without the earplugs. Chocolatology takes you on a very different kind of global tour, one of delicious and fascinating origins that will satisfy in ways that van trips left you yearning.

Read up, get inspired, do some laundry, and get back out there.