the crowd at speak in tongues all ages music venue in cleveland in 1997

Punkscription: Be our BFF and never miss a music manifesto

by Various Author

Our roots are in DIY punk music, and the soundtrack, values, and aesthetics. And in 20 years not much has changed in that regard. We stopped putting out records 18 years ago (uh, except for the one we just did), but we still publish multiple books and zines every year that chronicle, foment, and celebrate punx, punk scenes, and punk history. 

Now you can subscribe to all of Microcosm's punk-related books, as they come out. From the latest Snake Pit or Henry & Glenn release to our Scene History series to our series of music history and memoirs, you'll either love it or you'll love to completely disagree with it.

Unlike our general BFF program, this is a "by book" subscription rather than a "by month" subscription. You'll get the next six punk-related books that we publish in the mail, as they come out. (Plus stickers, zines, and freebies in every package!). Postage is included. 

Or if you're new to Microcosm and read fast, write "Gimme History" in the order notes, and we'll send you a monthly shipment that mixes new books and older classics.

More ways to be our BFF

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