Fred Hampton giving a speech

$20 Superpack of Government Misdeeds

by Joe Biel Author, Andrew Lynn Author, Mia Partlow Author, Nate Powell Author, Elizabeth Press Author, Christopher Ryan Author, Abner Smith Author, Super Pack! Author and Kristian Williams Author

Worn out by the misdeeds spinning around the 24 hour news cycle? Turn off the computer, pick up a book, and read up on some government wrongdoings of the past. It's good to have a historical perspective in mind, and strangely soothing to see our place in the bigger picture of history.

Here's what you'll find in this extremely good deal of a superpack:

  • Edible Secrets walks you through selection of recently declassified U.S. gov't documents related to food, from the milkshakes we used to try to assassinate Castro to popcorn laced with MK-Ultra to the ice cream truck robbery we framed Fred Hampton for. Illustrated by Nate Powell, who later drew March
  • The Life of Lee Harvey Oswald paints a vivid picture of the short and incredibly weird life of the guy who may or may not have shot JFK
  • The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting offers 5 case studies ranging from brutal to baffling, including Iran Contra, the assassination of MLK, and the Patriot Act
  • Still We Ride is a DVD documentary movie about the NYPD's framing of and crackdown on the Critical Mass bicycle movement
  • Bamboozled tells the true tale of a boxer who you might say fell in with the wrong crowd
  • Hurt provides thoughtful, incisive commentary on U.S. torture practices and what it means for a democracy to normalize this