a person with long dark hair in braids against a yellow and orange background with stars on their shoulders

Inka Trap Poster

by Justseeds Author

Quechua is an ancient language, used since the time that the Incan civilization stretched across South America. But it is not only an ancient language. It is still very much in use, despite attempts by conquistadors and colonial governments to stigmatize and stamp it out over the last four hundred years. A new generation of Peruvian musicians like Bobby Sanchez, Liberato Kani, and Renata Flores have started combining trap music with regetón, singing in Quechua and reviving the language among Peruvian youth. Fostering pride in their cultural heritage, these musicians are showing the world that Quechua may be an old language but that it is hardly a dead language. Celebrate the music these artists are making and the history of the Quechua language with this poster, part of the Celebrate People's History series.