Space Sharks

Sticker #329Space Sharks

by Elly Blue Author and Katura Reynolds Author

The space shark is an endangered life form, with only a small breeding population remaining in the upper Andromeda sector. Covered by strict intergalactic protections, the sharks' glandular secretions are reputed to provide everlasting youth and poachers continue to reap huge profits from any sharks they are able to capture. This sticker shows a famous scene from the popular novelcast about the life of Marya Kalamitos, a rogue former Galaxy United agent with the Pennyfarthing Patrol who made it her personal mission to protect the sharks from poachers. Kalamitos is shown here providing covering fire for the sharks in the stand-off that led to the destruction of the poachers’ ship and her subsequent trial and imprisonment.

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with black print on a white background. Depicts a person in space wearing an astronaut suit, and fighting two sharks who are swimming in space, each wearing an astronaut bubble over their head)


  • Space sharks vinyl sticker

Illustration by Earth-based naturalist Katura Reynolds, adapted from the cover of Bikes in Space (Taking the Lane #10).