Sticker #012: If We Aren't Supposed to Eat Humans

Sticker #012If We Aren't Supposed to Eat Humans

by Joe Biel



mung 9/9/2008

Eat the dead..pumping it with formaldehyde and throwing it in a box is just a waste of food. Or at least cut the chemicals and coffin and feed a tree.

Marina 6/9/2007

probaly cuz you'd get something like mad cow disease. but eating any kind of meat is bad for you.

Yes 3/17/2007

Because there is no corporations controlling the human eating market to make it extra cruel! Until we have a corporation like Monsanto making GM Humans and slaughtering them in mass slaughterhouses we should not eat humans, they have too be safe to eat and nothing says safe like Gentically Modifying something and then selling it for mass profits and covering up the unsafe aspects of it!

david 4/15/2006

yes! yes! yes!

berkertexBribe 3/12/2006

Aw, we're sorry.. We were just really hungry..

anonymous 11/7/2005

Hahahaha, eatten by crust punks

socialbane 10/12/2005

MMMM.... Brains

-Barry 9/14/2005

Not cool! My Wife and kids were eaten by hungry crust punks. Not cool.

Sarah 3/30/2005

haha, this one's pretty good!