How to Make Soap: Without Burning Your Face Off

How to Make Soap: Without Burning Your Face Off

by Raleigh Briggs Author

Raleigh Briggs, author of the popular Microcosm title Make Your Place, is back with another pamphlet on better, healthier living. This time, she's tackled soap-making basics, and teaches us how to create silky handmade soaps at home. How To Make Soap contains basic directions, recipes, a list of resources, and assorted tips and tricks to make your homemade soaps special. Raleigh takes a seemingly arduous task, and makes it breezy and fun, with her charming hand-drawn illustrations and easy to follow directions. How to Make Soap is a great guide (and gift!) for the beginning soapmaker looking for a place to start.

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  • Zine cover with a drawing of a hand and soap bubbles

Comments & Reviews


"Bound and beautifully printed on card-stock and nice, ivory paper, this little wonder gives you a step-by-step guide on how to make your own bars of soap!"


Thanks for the info, Microcosm :) This is going on my wishlist. Many soaps contain all kinds of chemicals that may do more harm than good to skin. But besides that, there is something about doing things yourself that make them so much more special and emancipating. What better way to combat corporate control than taking things into your own hands, bootstrapping?


A strong case for self-reliance.


Hi Marxengelz! The recipes in How To Make Soap only use vegetable fats, as opposed to the animal-based lard or tallow of most commercial soaps.


Are there vegan options?


"I gotta admit, up until a few days ago, I didn’t know squat about saponification. Hell, I didn't even know what saponification meant (it means soap makin'). Then I saw this zine on how to make soap and it got me thinking. I thought, wow that’s cool, I could make my own soap. Seems relatively easy too—not like rebuilding the transmission on a 1969 Chevy Nova or nuthin'. Then I thought, what am I nuts? I am never, ever, never gonna make soap. I don’t even use soap! But if I do get the urge to lather up someday and I want to use my own homemade brand of soapy suds, then I have this informative, easy to follow, entertaining and funny guide to help me through the process AND I won't burn my face off. "


"What's best about her zine is how clear it is, with charming diagrams that are halway between visually sublime practical illustrations and phone doodles. Best of all, you really feel like you could make soap."


"Raleigh Briggs is a cheerful and charming writer ... "