a riotous illustrated scene, with numerous people having sex, doing drugs, and wielding weapons

Dirty Gay Hippies On Drugs And In Heat

by Fiddle-Star Author

In this hilarious zine, discover the depraved lifestyles that can result from straying too far from the Church, the Family, and the Community. Written by Fiddle-Star, who plays a central role in this comic zine as well as a drug and cum guzzling hippy, this comic zine parodically and hyperbolically depicts every homophobe's worst nightmare. With scenes of exuberant public sex, theft, drug use, and the wanton corruption of an otherwise upstanding mother, Dirty Gay Hippies on Drugs and In Heat is not for the faint of heart. Clutch your pearls, ladies and gentlemen!! For the gays are coming for you all!!

"Chilling, perverted, and unnerving, this is not bedtime-story reading material, but a terrifying glimpse into a world most can't imagine or stomach. Having read these pages, I can no longer assure my children that evil does not exist. Even the smell of the smoke as I burned it in the fireplace had a vile stink." - Margaret Grey, Sitting President of Valley Middle School Parent-Teacher Association