• Bike Zines!

    Zines about bikes, bike culture, bike maintenance, and more.

  • Celebrating International Workers' Day

    Every year on the first of May, International Workers' Day—also recognized as May Day, Labour Day, and Worker's Day—marks the struggle of working people worldwide in their fight for dignity, freedom, and the fruits of...

  • Protest Power Starter List

    It's never too late to get involved. Learn how to protest effectively and safely. 

  • Witchcraft and Tarot

    Stock up on some of our favorite witchy books and zines. For a look at everything we have, check out the witchy subject tag!

  • Microcosm's First Decade

    Behold all the still-in-print books we published (or first published) in our first decade as a publisher, from 1996 to 2006. Some of these (usually the more brightly-colored ones!) are more recent editions, but they still capture the DIY spirit of...

  • Autism and Neurodivergent Pride and Resources

    We're an autstic-owned, neurodivergent-proud company. Take a look at some of our faves.

  • Books, Stickers, and More for Book People

    Do you stay up past your bedtime for just one more chapter? Do you have strong opinions about deckled edges? Does most of your closet consist of bookstore t-shirts? This is the list for you!

  • Happy 420 Highlights

    Whether you're a seasoned stoner or newly cannabis-curious, we're happy to help you celebrate this high holiday for all who appreciate the many gifts of marijuana. 

  • Radical Care for Physical and Mental Health

    In a world of systems that aim to keep us feeling helpless, sick, and disconnected from our bodies and emotions, it's crucial to learn how to care for ourselves—and each other. To celebrate the release of zine 

  • Eclipse Season Survival Reading

    Eclipses obscure our sources of light, opening portals for shadowy material to rise to the surface of our communities and individual lives. But this doesn't have to mean only dark portents—eclipse season can also be a...

  • History of Microcosm in 10 Books

    Some of these books hold the key to the Microcosm ethos; others are books that marked a turning point or opened significant doors for our publishing operation. Each is a damn good read selected by Elly for your reading, learning, and...

  • Microcosm Spring 2024

    Our exciting lineup of forthcoming titles for the season!

  • Bikes in Space!

    Bikes in Space is a series of feminist science fiction and fantasy anthologies edited by Elly Blue. You can find our latest call for submissions here: https://microcosmpublishing.com/blog/tag/call-for-submissions/

  • Daley's Nonfic Picks for Punk Rock Witches

    Some favorites from our new Marketing and Publicity Supervisor, Daley!


  • Love Thyself

    Whether you need to pick up and dust off after a breakup, or you're looking to get back in touch with yourself (in every sense), this collection is for you.

  • Kandi's Picks for Word Witches

    Some of our editor, Kandi's, favorite reads for folks that love books, love themselves, and love pockets.

  • Love-ly Reads

    Books and zines and more about relationships, intimacy, sex, and self-love.

  • Microcosm's Bestselling Books of 2023

    The top 20 Microcosm books sold in 2023!

  • Microcosm's Bestselling Zines of 2023

    The top 20 zines of 2023!

  • Exciting Things from Dr. Faith!

    Here are some new and upcoming titles and products from the bestselling author of Unfuck Your Brain.

  • Liberation for All People

    Sometimes the whole world turns its eyes to a particular liberation struggle. In the urgency of the moment, books allow us to remember that resistance movements are always happening all over the world, and throughout human history. We have...

  • Publishing the Feminist Bicycle Revolution

    Herein lies the growing list of in-print books and zines by Elly Blue Publishing.

  • These Books Will Make You Cry

    Tearjerkers, emotional reads, catharsis, healing.

  • New Year, New You (Kalen's Version)

    See ya, 2023. 2024 is gonna be OUR YEAR. 

  • Books for Writers

    Writers have one thing in common... we love to read. And we love to learn about how to do it better. Whether you're a novelist, a journalist, a copy writer, a bookseller, an editor, a publisher, or just a big nerd about the written word, we...

  • Kristine's Picks for Troublemakers

    Expanding on Microcosm's popular TROUBLE line of books (okay, that's not technically one of our subject categories, but it could be)...

  • Reproductive Healthcare Resources

    Access your reproductive rights, Supreme Court be damned.

  • Plan Your Year

    A selection of planners, both dated and undated, to help you plan, organize, and prepare for the future.

  • Ronald Reagan Would Hate These Items

    Celebrate queer folks, feminists, breaking apart corporations, and more. Make Reagan turn over in his grave (that makes a great gender-neutral bathroom).

  • Dr. Faith's 5-minute Therapy

    The complete works of the freaking awesome Dr. Faith G. Harper, helping you get your shit together one book and zine at a time.

  • Kalen's Books for a Winter's Day

    Dreaming of spring? Me, too. Here are a few books to help you get through winter.

  • Trans Rights Now!

    Whatever your gender, now is a great time to read and learn. Solidarity and empathy go hand-in-hand, and knowledge goes a long way.

  • Mental Health for Everyone

    Here are our most popular mental health and self-help books. These are all great resources for regular freaked out people, peers, and professionals. Want to unpack your trauma? Manage your anxiety and depression? Turn your autism into a superpower?...
  • Hot Union Summer

    Workers' rights forever. (Formerly "That Job You Loved To Hate")

  • Reclaiming Pink

    Pink is for everyone.

  • Big Books

    These books are really, really big! Some are huge in terms of surface area... others are thick as you like. And some have the best of both worlds. They'll keep your furniture from floating away, double as weight-lifting aids, and keep you...

  • Abby's Picks

    Marketing Manager Abby's favorite reads

  • Fight for Your Reproductive Rights

    Your uterus, your choice, friends.
  • Banned Books

    Because let's face it, #bannedbooksweek is every week and we all deserve the #freedomtoread—especially adorable comics about young, queer people, but everything else, too.
  • Health, healthcare, and healing

    In a broken healthcare system, knowledge is power. These books and zines can help learn about your body, understand physical illness, gain perspective on medical history and culture and the health care system, rally for change and plan for sickness...
  • BIPOC Self-Care

    Even when the world is burning, it's worthwhile to take the time to take care of yourself. You're worth it. These books by BIPOC authors compassionately point the way, share their own mental health journey, and/or teach skills for spiritual and...
  • Death and Grieving

    We all do it, so we may as well do it with intention, compassion, and care for those around us. These books point the way to demystifying death and helping us thoughtfully prepare for the end of our lives and grieve the loss of those we love.
  • Best Year Ever!

    New year's energy, all year round. If you need a fresh infusion of energy and skills to get your life together, look no further than these perennially bestselling Microcosm-published gems and never be bored again!
  • MacArthur Geniuses

    Here are all the books we carry by people awarded the MacArthur "Genius" Fellowship over the years for their world-changing work.
  • Back to School (or Not)

    It's that time of year, when kids, adult students, and teachers all head back to school... or maybe choose not to. These books are aimed at inspiring, education, relating, and coping, no matter what back to school time means for you.
  • Survive the Apocalypse

    Pandemics, wildfires, constitutional crisis, civil war... what have you got for us world? Here are some books to help you prepare mentally and materially for the worst while still hoping and working for the best.
  • Vote Your Conscience

    Love it or hate it, we've got a way for you to learn something and express your feelings about our electoral system.
  • BIPOC Histories

    Histories and biographies centering Black, Indigenous and POC leaders, influencers, and everyday people.
  • Creativity & Fun

    Enjoyable distractions from current events—take some time to laugh, think, marvel, and forget your troubles for an hour while reading and supporting BIPOC artists and authors!
  • BIPOC Voices

    Fiction, non-fiction, and poetry: #ownvoices work by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color authors.
  • BIPOC Role Models for Future Leaders

    Strong BIPOC characters in kids picture books, middle readers, and young adult books. Give your kids the tools and confidence they need to change the world.
  • Diary Comix

    There's a quiet movement out there of comics artists drawing their daily lives. Some draw daily, others weekly, others not on a particular schedule. The result is meditative, compelling, and has plenty of ups and downs without easy answers or pat...
  • Sid's Social Distancing Picks

    A mixture of escape and balm, existing in the time of Covid-19 is a rollercoaster of emotions. This list has a dash of whimsy, a touch of paralleled narratives to provide literary wisdom we can apply to our current situation, and a whole bunch of...
  • Lydia's Bookshelf

    A combination of books I own and love, and books I wish I owned.
  • We Are the Media

    Publishers, filmmakers, street journalists, podcasters, protest singers, radical writers, creative weirdos, storytellers, zinesters, bloggers, political cartoonists, social media geniuses, and everyone whose public explanations of the world around...
  • Political Savvy

    Sharpen your political thinking, improve your understanding of government, and improve your effective activism and advocacy with these extra wonky books and tools.
  • Be Our BFF: All the Microcosm Subscriptions

    Be our book friend forever (or at least for 6-12 months) with one of our subscription programs.
  • Make a Living Doing What You Love

    Sometimes it can be nice have a steady source of income that isn't your primary job. Learn about what other people do on the side (without falling for a pyramid scheme) and how to do it yourself with these titles.
  • School's Out!

    Many places are currently struggling with the decision to keep schools closed right now. While we can't provide everything you need to suddenly start learning from home or on your own, we've got plenty of books to learn from. This list is a mix of...
  • Quaranzine Fest

    We're excited to have participated in 2020's Quaranzine Fest! Our offerings were selected to help you be happy, healthy, entertained, and thinking critically during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown... but they still do those things at other times, too.
  • Roller Derby Reads

    These are the books that people love and adore at roller derby conventions. Even includes a few books about actual roller derby, but mainly catering to our queer friends who love to laugh and live life to the fullest.
  • Comics Fest Virtual Pop-up

    Missed us at the comics fest or con? Or was it canceled due to global crisis? Here's a selection of graphic novels and other sequential art books that we publish and distribute that you'd be likely to find at our table.
  • Quarantine Survival Guides

    Stuck at home during a global pandemic? Here are our best books for keeping your mind and body occupied. All are chock-full of projects and practical applications, and most have either paperbook or ebook options.
  • XOXO hearts Books

    Featuring books beloved by attendees of the XOXO festival for artists who work on the Internet, including many works by past fest speakers and attendees! Alphabetical by title to simulate our in-store browsing experience.
  • Music albums

    We used to sell a lot more music. Here's what's survived the decades!
  • Audiobooks

    These are all the books we have in audio! Various format options, depending.
  • School's Out! - For the Youngsters

    Many places are currently struggling with the decision to keep schools closed right now. While we can't provide everything you need to suddenly start learning from home or on your own, we've got plenty of books to learn from. This list is a mix of...
  • Books for Zebras

    A curated selection for attendees of Dazzlecon 2017, and anyone else who's building a feminist business with the long view and big picture in mind.
  • Omnibus of Assortments

    Not sure what you want? Let us select for you an assortment of the kind of thing you like!
  • Discontinued T-Shirts

    These shirts are not going to be reprinted...we'll just sell through them till they're gone. So snag yours now! Click the links to see if we still have your size.
  • Welcome to Portland

    First stop: The bike lane!

  • Pulitzers

    We don't go in much for award-winning books, but we found a few on our shelves that have won the big P!
  • Adulting Level-Ups

    Books and zines that give you vital life skills for the act of being an adult, which may or may not include adultery or adulteration, but definitely involves adulting. Manage your feelings, make good decisions, and build satisfying and mutually happy...
  • Bike Books from Microcosm

    Books for new and experienced bicyclists
  • Risktaking

    Anti-survival guides for the unprepared
  • Perfect Passive-Aggressive Gifts

    Just what you were looking for! Nothing brings friends and families and coworkers together like the gift that says "you're doing it wrong."
  • HOW TO

    There might be something that the books and zines on this list can't tell you how to do, but there won't be much!
  • Never Stop Laughing

    Quick, funny reads to soothe your troubled mind.
  • Indigenous Resistance

    An anti-Columbus Day reading list
  • Important reading, period.

    Books and zines about menstruation and other such uterine concerns.
  • Bicycle and Urban Planning Master List

    Imagine you're at a bicycle or urban planning conference. Your head is spinning with lane widths, rights of way, community engagement strategies... you stumble out into the hallway and straight into a table filled with amazing books! You feast your...
  • Watch Your Back

    Conspiracies, plots, and other misdeeds by governments, cartels, corporations, and mysterious entities we don't even know about yet.
  • Coloring and Activity Funtime!

    Not just for kids anymore!
  • Cats or Dogs?

    We are conducting a scientific inquiry into which is more popular: Cat books or dog books.