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We've Been Too Patient

by L. D. Green Editor, Kelechi Ubozoh Editor, Robert Whitaker Foreword, Leah Harris Contributor, Jenny Darden Contributor, Chris Anastasia Contributor, Lyndsey Ellis Contributor, Anita Roma Contributor, Shizue Siegel Contributor, Alice Mignon Contributor, Imogen Prism Contributor, Jeffrey Goines Contributor, Elisa Magon Contributor, Jacks McNamara Contributor, Ken Paul Rosenthal Contributor, Casey Gardner Contributor, Patrick Corrigan Contributor, Alisha Ali Contributor, Stephan Wolfert Contributor, Sascha Altman DuBrul Contributor, Jonah Bossewitch Contributor and Jessie Roth Contributor

This collection of 25 different stories delves into the current mental health culture that is plaguing our society. Dealing with everything from police brutality against those in crisis to overmedication and suicidal thoughts, this work goes into more than the systemic and physiological issues of "mental illness," but tells the stories of the people who have actually lived it, particularly those from underrepresented communities. We've Been Too Patient shows us how the conversation needs to shift from mental illness to mental health.