A blue book cover with illustrations of a goat, jar, nuts, a knife, and cheese

Everyday Cheesemaking: How to Succeed Making Dairy and Nut Cheese at Home

by K. Ruby Blume Author

Everyday Cheesemaking is an introduction to DIY home cheese making made simple and accessible. K. Ruby Blume introduces you to the concepts, equipment, and ingredients necessary to making cheese at home successfully the very first time you try. The book offers clear instructions, humorous stories, and dozens of recipes and troubleshooting tips. You'll learn about running a small home goat dairy and how to make non-dairy cheese recipes using nut milks. With its light and practical approach, this book is perfect for anyone who is itching to get started and impress their friends and family with delicious homemade cheese.

Comments & Reviews


"a treasure for the knowledge that it imparts, and especially the teachings on why things go wrong and how to fix them."

The Nibble


"this is a good book to have should the need for homemade cheese inspire you to break out the cheese cloth and curd knife.'

Chris Auman - Green Action News


"recommended for anyone with an interest in broadening their culinary craft horizons."

Midwest Book Review