Kitchen Wizardry superpack

$25 Superpack: Kitchen Wizardry 401

by K. Ruby Blume Author, Sandor Ellix Katz Author, Erik Spellmeyer Author and Super Pack! Author

Love to cook and want to level up your kitchen skills? Or are you newer to the ways of the kitchen and want to build a solid foundation in essential principles? These three books pack quite a punch. With their help, you'll be turning out fantastic, wholesome, delicious food and drink that'll wow everyone, including you. Make your own kraut, yogurt, and more with our long-running classic, Basic Fermentation. Create your own soft cheeses (dairy and nut) with Everyday Cheesemaking. And most spectacularly of all, craft your own beer from the tasty recipes in Brew It Yourself. Cast a spell and enjoy the satisfaction of making and eating your own healthy staple ingredients!