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$20 Superpack: Summer Warehouse Sale: Problem-solving edition

by Joe Biel, Bill Brown, Al Burian, David Ensminger, Ian Giesbrecht, Sarah Mirk, Kelli Refer, Emily June Street and Super Pack!

Appropriately, all these books (and all Microcosm books, really) are about solving problems. 

Make a Zine - in which Joe Biel teaches you to solve every problem by starting your own publishing revolution.

Sex From Scratch - in which Sarah Mirk walks you through many solutions to the question of how to be in a relationship, or not.

Pedal, Stretch, Breathe - in which Kelli Refer shows you how to keep your knees and back from hurting while you bike around town.

Sprouts - in which Ian Giesbrecht knows you need fresh, nutritious veggies year-round and teaches you to grow and eat delicious sprouts!

The Velocipede Races - in Emily June Street's novel, a teenaged girl is prevented from racing bikes and solves that in splendid style.

Out of the Basement - in which David Ensminger shows how generations of teenagers solve the problem of what to do in a dying rust belt town (spoiler: punk rock!)

Dream Whip #1-10 - in which Bill Brown goes on road trips and tries to solve the puzzle of US culture.

Burn Collector #15 - in which Al Burian leaves the US and tackles problems like freedom, happiness, protests, and dentistry.

Our warehouse transition continues! We finished building two sheds and moved everything out of the middle of our store, hallways, etc. We finally had room to recall 16 pallets (!) of books that were expensively languishing at our distributor's warehouse across the country, and six of us spent three days rearranging other books as well as putting the new ones away. And it all fits! But, as with any good computer game, the warehouse is never truly solved. There are some stray books that have no home and are currently sitting sadly in an aisle. Will YOU give them a home? 

Thanks for supporting us as we grow and change and move boxes around. And enjoy the books!