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$20 Superpack: Storytelling Adventures Warehouse Sale!

by Alexander Barrett Author, Moe Bowstern Author, Aaron Dactyl Author, Erica Dawn Lyle Author, Dave Roche Author, Ben Snakepit Author, Super Pack! Author and Robert Wildwood Author

2019 is Microcosm's Year of Adventure, and May is our Adventures in Storytelling month. Also, we just received 11 pallets of books back from our former distributor, so we're having a warehouse sale in honor of all of this. Enjoy the following book-shaped tales of adventure, told in a variety of styles and formats:

Unsinkable - The ultimate summer adventure may be building a raft out of found materials and sailing it down the Mississippi—this crew tells you how they did it and how you can too. 

Railroad Semantics - The first collection of photos and stories of Aaron's travels on freight trains of the west, exploring the graffiti, culture, and heart-stopping moments along the way

Scam - So. Many. Adventures. are packed into this one book about living for free in Miami that was (the author has never stopped adventuring -- she's currently Bikini Kill's new guitarist)

On Subbing - An understated, funny, so so true account of four years of scraping by as a public school substitute teacher

The Snake Pit Book - Ben's daily adventures playing in punk bands, getting drunk, going places, doing stuff, laid out in comics diary form

Xtra Tuf - Moe lived a swashbuckling life as a commercial fisherwoman in Alaska, and lived to tell us about it

This is Portland - Enjoy the imagery and funny short tales that try to get at the weird essence of Portland in the twenty-teens, in the first edition of this classic

13 Years of Good Luck - take a trip through our past with this sampler of Microcosm books and zines of yore.