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$20 Superpack: New Year's Warehouse Sale! (through January 15)

by Alexander Barrett, Joe Biel, Elly Blue, Bert Davis, Holly Davis, David A. Ensminger, Ian Giesbrecht, Ariel Gore, Anika Ledlow, Caroline Moore, Matte Resist, Meadow Shadowhawk, Washo Shadowhawk and Super Pack!

Happy new year! In honor of 2019, as a thank you to our readers, and in the interest of making room in our new warehouse for our newly independent distribution, we're having a warehouse sale! And this one is an amazing deal: 10 books for 20 bucks. Two weeks only. Note that you may receive slightly dinged copies of some of these!

Punk Rock Entrepreneur - launch your own business, even (better) if you don't have any money

Manspressions - humorously recognize and name patriarchal habits when you see them, in yourself and others

Cycletherapy - find joy and recovery in bicycling

Sprouts - grow your own fresh, nutritious micro greens year-round and use them in delicious recipes

Out of the Basement - get inspired by the amazing music scene created by teenagers in a rust belt town

All the Pretty People - pursue your own dreams instead of longing for what seems to make others happy (and probably doesn't)

Dwelling Portably 1990-1999 - get off the grid and live life on your own terms

How & Why - pursue more ecological, intentional living with these practical projects

This is Shanghai - expand your perspective while making the world feel a little smaller

Amica's World - instead of ignoring that literal 100 pound bird in the living room, embrace it and learn to coexist peacefully

Thank you for supporting us as we evolve And enjoy the books!