a cat wearing a sweatshirt with a pit stain and looking suspiciously at it.

Pin #249"Totally Sure I Didn't Shower" River Button

by Dr. Faith G. Harper Author and River Katz Illustrator

When you're stinky and you're just embracing it. Pit stains and all, you're just showing up. This pin warns those around you and acts as either an apology or a proud statement. You're totally sure you didn't shower. Whether that's good or bad, well, that's your call. 

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Rush Limbaugh fans, known as "ditto heads," would wear t-shirts that said "Rush is Right." I'm guessing a play on that.


Donald, my interpritation of it is that in an english accent, it means, 'Bush is rich'


Rush Limbaugh - right wing talk radio host - is a freakin nazi


what does that meen?