Shadow Work Exploration Deck

Shadow Work Exploration Deck

by Dr. Faith G. Harper Author

Embrace your shadow and find freedom

"What emotions do you actively try to avoid?"

"How do you lie to yourself on a daily basis?"

"What do you need to make peace with?"

Healing, growth, and self-acceptance come from seeing our flaws, fears, and mistakes with clarity and compassion. In this 52-card deck, Dr. Faith G. Harper—bestselling author of Unfuck Your Brain and Boundaries Conversation Deck—offers prompts to help you explore the parts of yourself that you usually try not to see. Work through your trauma, improve your relationships, seek true accountability, and embrace your whole authentic self. Use these cards for individual reflection, as a challenging group activity, as part of addiction recovery, or with your therapist to get up close and personal with your hidden side and see what important truths you uncover—and the freedom and joy of truly knowing who you are.