Record store book display box

Record Store Starter Pack

by Joe Biel Author, Daniel Makagon Author, Tom Neely Author, Ben Snakepit Author, Bob Suren Author, Alexander Herbert Author, Automne Zingg Author, Joshua Ploeg Author and Craven Rock Author

This pack, specifically designed for record stores, includes: 


  • 1 Why to Resist Streaming Music and How
  • 1 Gin Blossoms: Suicide, Corporatism, Addiction, Creativity, and the Lessons of Doug Hopkins
  • 1 Buzzcocks: The Lasting Influence of Pete Shelley
  • 1 Gracias Por Venir: A Night in the Puerto Rican Music Scene
  • 1 Obsessed with Bass: An Essential History of Miami Bass


Comes with an attractive countertop display box, pictured.

(Oops, we are out of the display pack toppers that say "Microcosm Publishing" as pictured. We may send you a different box topper or you can go without or make your own. Sorry!)