live through this by sabrina chap

Live Through This: On Creativity and Self-Destruction

by Sabrina Chap Author, bell hooks Contributor, Inga Muscio Contributor, Eileen Myles Contributor, Kate Bornstein Contributor, fly Contributor, Cristy C. Road Contributor, Swoon Contributor, Margaret Cho Contributor and Amanda Palmer Foreword

A cool anthology of art and writing by women who find creative power in their deepest troubles. Do you have to have a hard life to be an artist? Maybe not, but all art speaks to deep human emotions, and it's hard to tap into those when you sail through life easy as a breeze. In fact, some of the most vital and compelling art of the last century has been made by women who draw on their experiences of trauma, madness, abuse, depression, addiction, cutting, suicide, and looking straight into the darkest parts of themselves.