a countertop cardboard box displaying all these books

Display Pack: Your Best High Life

by Katie Guinn, Faith G. Harper, PhD, LPC-S, ACS, ACN, Joshua Ploeg, Madrone Stewart, Super Pack! and Set Sytes

Get high, calm down, eat something delicious.

This collection comes via popular demand from stores with cannabis-loving customers. Here's what's included:

Cannabis and Other Herb and Gardening Books

2x -Feminist Weed Farmer

2x -Stoner Babe Coloring Book

2x -Herbal First Aid

2x -Cat's Claw Herbal

1x -Homesweet Homegrown

And Some Delicious Cookbooks (all vegan!)

2x -Mama Tried

2x -In Search of the Lost Taste

2x -Comfort Eating With Nick Cave

2x -Defensive Eating With Morrissey

2x -So Raw its Downright Filthy


2x -Edible Secrets, a book about government food secrets to stoke your legit paranoia

Finally, some mental health help

2x -Unfuck Your Brain

1x -Unfuck Your Brain Workbook


1x -How Not to Kill Yourself

Plus: a countertop box to display them all!