a countertop cardboard box displaying all these books

Your Best High Life Display Pack

by Katie Guinn Author, Dr. Faith G. Harper Author, Joshua Ploeg Author, Madrone Stewart Author, Super Pack! Author and Set Sytes Author

Get high, calm down, eat something delicious.

This collection comes via popular demand from stores with cannabis-loving customers. Here's what's included:

Cannabis and Other Herb and Gardening Books

2x -Feminist Weed Farmer

2x -Stoner Babe Coloring Book

2x -Herbal First Aid

2x -Cat's Claw Herbal

1x -Homesweet Homegrown


And Some Delicious Cookbooks (all vegan!)

2x -Mama Tried

2x -In Search of the Lost Taste

2x -Comfort Eating With Nick Cave

2x -Defensive Eating With Morrissey

2x -So Raw its Downright Filthy



2x -Edible Secrets, a book about government food secrets to stoke your legit paranoia


Finally, some mental health help

2x -Unfuck Your Brain

1x -Unfuck Your Brain Workbook

1x -How Not to Kill Yourself

Plus: a countertop box to display them all!

(Oops, we are out of the display pack toppers that say "Microcosm Publishing" as pictured. We may send you a different box topper or you can go without or make your own. Sorry!)