Punk Biopic superpack

$20 Superpack: Punk Biopic

by Dan Abbott Author, Joe Biel Author, Ben Holtzman Author, Corbett Redford Author, Keith Rosson Author, Ben Snakepit Author and Super Pack! Author

Don't just learn about punks who inspire, BE them. We've got the injection you need right here to build your life and your scene and your world! Between Resistance and Community is a now-classic documentary movie about the rise of the Long Island punk scene and reflections on the bigger movement. Go even bigger and better with Beyond the Music, Joe Biel's book of interviews with punks who took the tools and skills and networks they'd built playing in bands, booking tours, organizing fests, and going to shows, and did interesting stuff in other fields. Next, zoom in on the life of a couple individual punx in the thick of it all—Keith Rosson pounding the streets between shows and thinking hard about it all in Best of Intentions, a collection of most of his first 20 (!) Avow zines, and Ben Snakepit's 2008 edition of his dogged recording of his everyday world of playing in bands, working "some shitty job," and building a life throughout it all. Finally, step into the world of Dan Abbott and Corbett Redford, whose Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook takes you on a whirlwind tour through their hometown, their community, their tours, their ethics, and of course their song lyrics and chords. All of this at a super fucking punk discount! No excuses, go make something happen!