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$20 Superpack: Unemployment Care Package

by Joe Biel Author, Aaron Lake Smith Author, Super Pack! Author and Eleanor C. Whitney Author

Unemployed? Quit? Laid off? Downsized? Fired? Buyout? Golden handshake? Graduated? Jobless? Whatever the situation, sounds like you don't have a job right now. And that's a tough spot to be in. We'd like to send you some books and stuff to help see you through and on to your next big thing. Aaron Lake Smith's small but meaty Unemployment zine cuts right to the heart of the personal impact of the economic crisis. Keep an "I didn't go to work today" sticker somewhere visible to remind you of your basic freedom and humanity. For inspiration as you figure out your next step, read the stories of folks Joe Biel interviewed in Beyond the Music about careers people have built out of their values and visions. If you're considering launching your own business (or just having a side gig to help you be less reliant on the next job) the sound, practical advice in Eleanor Whitney's Grow will help you believe in yourself and make it happen. And GOOD LUCK. We believe in you.