Gifts for Rebels

This week our staff recommends their favorites for the holiday gift-giving season. Some things overlap, because sometimes we’re just all really fucking excited about a project or book, and it’s on everyone’s minds and shopping lists. So here are our picks this year, for spreading rebellion, and fun, because it’s our new favorite activity. Stay strong, keep reading, keep resisting.
-The Microcosmonauts


(Yes, mine are all stocking-stuffers. I like little things.)



Chainbreaker Bike Book – for someone who’s just started bicycling and getting really into it
The Teacher Power-up Superpack – for teachers on the verge of burnout 
The pack of all the River emotion buttons – for the person who would prefer to wear their moods literally on their sleeve than have to update everyone they know about them daily. 
The Woke Parenting zine series – for anyone with kids
Unf*ck Your Sleep because better sleep is something everyone wants and nobody will be offended by the suggestion they want it.


The Velocipede Races: give to someone you want to torture in a nice way because this is one of those books you’re going to want a sequel to but there’s not one (yet). If you’ve gotten burnt out on dystopian female led novels, refresh your pallet with this page turning powerhouse of a story that speeds you away.

Do You See Any Fucks Growing: The sassiest stocking stuffer.

Why We Drive: give the gift of a good firm shake. STOP DRIVING!

Interns Christal & Jordan



Jeri Cain



I always need a little dystopia in my life, for a proper appreciation for our crazy times, perhaps, and I love so much about our Bikes in Space books. I’ve probably raved about my love of Biketopia before, but there are some amazing stories in this year’s release, Bikes Not Rockets — my favorite of which is This Dusty Way to Galaxies Beyond by Julia K. Pat (Generations and Livewire right behind).

But these days, when my friends are as stressed-out, pissed-off, and frustrated as me, I point them in the direction of Dr. Faith.
Cuz I’m exhausted, y’all. Doing this whole “life” thing is fucking exhausting — did you know you have to do it every day? 
That’s probably why I dived head-first into Unfuck Your Adulting — any advice about making this easier is very much needed in my life. It won’t cure my anxiety disorders, but for that I turn to This is Your Brain on Anxiety

Lastly, just for everyone who fucking hates holidays, or even just these specifically, there’s everyone’s new favorite christmas card: