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Woke Parenting #4: Sex, Relationships, & Psychological Care

by Faith G. Harper, PhD, LPC-S, ACS, ACN, Bonnie Scott, MS, MA and LPC

Maybe you've been dreading having "the talk" about sex with your kids or future kids or niblings or school charges? Sorry, folx, there's waaaaay more to it than that. Dr. Faith and Bonnie are here for you, list style, with some guidelines borne of long experience in talking to kids not just about the mechanics of sex, but more about the stuff that really needs to come before it, like boundaries, consent, masturbation, communication, and having a good sense of yourself and where you stand in relationship to other people. If you start talking about this stuff young, in an age-appropriate way, and never stop, then you never have just the one "talk" to dread, and hopefully you help create a really excellent adult. Vital stuff here.