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Pin #250"Meh" River Button

by Dr. Faith G. Harper Author and River Katz Illustrator

You know when you're just not quite feeling it? You're not down per se, but you're definitely not up. You're meh. We've all been there. Get the pin. Or don't. Meh.

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Carnie, the reason why the pin was made for vegans is because vegans are usually told they are "unhealthy" for their eating habits. Rarely are meat eaters told that they're not going to get enough of protein, calcium, b12, etc with their diet, but it's always assumed that vegans won't get enough nutrients. However, the people who usually say this are not very well-informed on vegan diets anyway.


I think the reason something like this is important, Carrie, is because sadly, a lot of ignorant assholes assume that vegans are thinly, underfed people that "don't get enough protein" and "enough nutrition." Yes, of course, there are healthy meat eaters, vegetarians, etc ... I haven't eaten meat for 10 years and I have been vegan for over a year now and am perfectly healthy.

That's what it's saying I think. Not a patriarchy of making someone else think less because they do eat meat.


many people are healthy meat eaters too. I dont understand why its become so nessisary to tell everyone our dietary habits.