A caped figures strides their bike, triumphantly clutching the Chainring Heart logo.

21 Years of Good Trouble: The Microcosm Publishing Sampler

by Julia Alekseyeva, Lee Baillie, Alexander Barrett, Nate Beaty, Joe Biel, Elly Blue, Moe Bowstern, Kyle Bravo, Raleigh Briggs, Bill Brown, Al Burian, Ethan Clark, Andy Cornell, Ken Dahl, Bill Daniel, Bert Davis, Holly Davis, Stephen Duncombe, Nicole Georges, Steve Gevurtz, Pete Glanting, Cecilia Granata, Shawn Granton, Urban Hermitt, Asbjorn Intonsus, John Isaacson, Shelley Lynn Jackson, Sandor Ellix Katz, Cynthia Marts, Mia Partlow & Michael Hoerger, Joshua Ploeg, Nate Powell, Jesse Reklaw, Cristy Road, Dave Roche, Keith Rosson and Jim Rugg

To celebrate our twenty first anniversary, we put together this compilation of work from our authors and artists, best sellers and works of tremendous importance and merit. It's a super cheapo deal so you can check out things in our catalog that you may have missed or find your new favorite artist. (The paperback is the older 13 Years of Good Luck sampler)

Buy yours for $.99... or if you get any of our other ebooks from our website, we'll send you one of these pdfs free.



"To celebrate their Bar Mitzvah, Microcosm published a compilation of their zine/mini comix/how to manual excerpts that will help you be so d.i.y. that you'll make your own laptop out of recycled pop cans and design your own fonts that look like a 13 year old girl's loopy handwriting."


"To celebrate Microcosm's thirteenth anniversary (the lace anniversary FYI) for three bucks you get this compilation of great material from Microcosm's authors. You get cartoons, personal stories, recipes and articles like "Do Zines Still Matter?". A great cheap read that will probably introduce you to a new favorite author."


"Thirteen Years of Good Luck is heartfelt and full of merit. Combining some of the best information contained in zines, the compilation showcases the talent of a group of individuals that are committed to bringing truth to their writing and illustrating.


"Beautifully printed with about a million interesting articles (DIY screenprinting, A History of Publishing, an interview with Bozo Texino, to scratch the cream), well-written memoirs, way decent comics, and the heartwarming story of a publishing company staying true for thirteen-plus years? Very much worth your dime.


"Microcosm Publishing, as you know without my telling you, is a publisher and distributor of zines and books that shade in from the crunchier side of the spectrum: books on workers rights and bike theory, queer youth and veganism. The Microcosm catalog is a treat to peruse, to muse over the titles and descriptions of all the marvelous stuff they have.

Don't you wish, though, that you could get samples of some of those books -- that there was a way you could read excerpts of the books and decide which you'd like to read more of? Well, honey, your wish has been granted.

For their thirteenth year of publishing, the Microcosm editors have compiled a tidy best-of, sampling their greatest titles. "13 Years of Goodluck" is hypnotically fascinating, full of brilliant information. From their respective zines, you can find out how to screenprint, how to set up a compost pile, how to trap annoying fruit flies. There are comparisons of different types of bikes and how bike-safe the bridges are in Portland, Oregon (short answer: could be better). There are sections about union building, surviving abuse, getting a vasectomy, learning menstrual extraction in case Roe gets overturned, and so on. And, of course, there are poems and stories and comics. You'll find samples of Moe Bowstern's "Xtra Tuf", Dave Roche's "On Subbing", Cindy Crabb's "Doris", Nicole J. Georges' "Invincible Summer", Jesse Reklaw's "Applicant", and many many more.

If you don't know the zines and books represented here, it's a great way to bring yourself up to speed. It's all killer, no filler. And if you already have most or all of these publications, there are bonus tracks from some of the creators, including new comics by Nate Beaty ("BFF") and Liz Baillie ("My Brain Hurts"). In any case, if you love zines and small press, "13 Years of Goodluck" is worth getting and keeping."


"After thirteen years in business one of the most prolific diy publishers deserves to celebrate itself. This book is a celebration of the Microcosm mini empire. Basically it is the publishing worlds answer to the compilation CD. A Reader's Digest for the indie set. At a slim 90 pages, this book features excerpts from many titles we have reviewed here; Make a Zine, Make Your Place, Mostly True, Doris and many others are featured. There are comics, art, personal articles, how-to articles and everything in between."


An excellent medley of stories, drawings, and other writing[s]. There is something for everyone and if you don't like one, you can read another. I really enjoyed this, and the diversity of the authors and subject matter (everything from making your own compost heap to comics and [stories]) fit my bathroom ADD reading.


A good wide variety of info & good deal for only a buck, so why not?