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Bill Daniel has spent four decades in art production and countercultural participation, spanning documentary, folklore, amateur archive, and DIY cultural practices. Proclaiming a “folk poetics of survivalism,” Daniel aspires to fuse punk values with a quest for hybrid forms of cultural expression and deployment in his films, photography, and itinerant exhibitions.

Tri-X-Noise: Photographs 1981-2016

Tri-X-Noise: Photographs 1981-2016

by Bill Daniel Author

Tri-X-Noise is a collection of photographs by of 81 punk bands from 1981-2016. Bands include Bad Brains, Blag Flag,…


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13 Years of Good Luck: The Microcosm Publishing Sampler

13 Years of Good Luck: The Microcosm Publishing Sampler

by Julia Alekseyeva Contributor, Lee Baillie Contributor, Moe Bowstern Contributor, Alexander Barrett Contributor, Nate Beaty Contributor, 32 more

To celebrate our thirteenth anniversary of publishing books and zines about self-empowerment, we put together this…

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