a brain juggles a number of sexual aids

Unfuck Your Sex Toys: Make Your Own DIY Tools & MacGyver Your Sexytimes

by Dr. Faith G. Harper Author and River Katz Illustrator

Sex toys, sex tools, sexual aids—whatever you call them, they have the potential to revolutionize your sex life. Whether you use them solo, partnered, or in group play, sex tools can bring you to new heights of pleasure, teach you about your body, affirm your identity, and liberate you from physical or emotional constraints. But damn, they can be expensive if you buy them new. Sexologist and therapist Dr. Faith is all about making sure you know how to get off safely and on a budget, and provides instructions for making a variety of do-it-yourself toys without breaking the bank or taking an embarrassing trip to the ER. She discusses the different types of sexual aids out there, how to figure out what you like, and construction and use of various devices, focusing throughout on safety and hygiene. River Katz's illustrations provide clarity, inspiration, and step-by-step instructions.